Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dance and...

I officially start the Dance Education master's program in September, and one of the things that I am interested in exploring is how to pair dance teaching with other subject areas in the K-12 setting. I can imagine how things like theme and variation, patterns, and rhythm could parallel lessons in math. If students are learning about particular cultures in history, I can imagine a unit on African, Spanish, or Japanese dance. The elements of science could also be translated into a dance setting. This kind of crossover in subject areas can only serve to help students acquire knowledge in a variety of ways. The repetition of subject matter in any field is an enhancement to every student's individual journey. I often learned about other subjects through a dance lens because I am a visual learner. Movement is innate, and even if you are not a dancer, you can benefit by learning through the medium of dance. I can't wait to get started in the fall. Bring it on!


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