Thursday, July 06, 2006

Technology in My Classroom

During the current course I am taking entitled "Technology Resources for Performing Arts Educators," I have been introduced to a multitude of computer software uses, tech terms, and ideas about the application of various web-related resources. As a Dance Education student, my interest is piqued, and I have been contemplating what my future lesson plans and classroom might include in the way of technology. I love the idea of creating a radio station or podcasts. The students could record dance reviews, interviews discussing the creative process in making dances, and rehearsals. In the upper grades, if group projects were recorded, they could then be shared with the other groups and we could examine how each group worked together.

I would definitely load my iPod with music to be able to play through the sound system. I could use the iTunes Store to purchase current music. Video would be a fantastic tool for learning and documenting dances. The students could keep a video diary that would record their progress throughout the course. I could use and teach about Isadora and have students help to form technology driven works of dance. They could do research on the Web to discover different dancers and choreographers to write a history or biography paper. There could be a class blog in which students contribute entries on class activities or reflections on the process. Students could choreograph to a certain piece of music. After showing it, they could be given an edited version of the music and then they would have to edit their dances to correlate with the musical edits. This kind of tool makes us move things around in a chance order that we may not have considered before.


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I think you already have a pedagogical tool using technology in order to maximize the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Also it would be very much student-centered by guiding them to search information and write reflection on class.


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