Saturday, July 08, 2006

Group Product, Group Process

As we began our first discussion about what our final project for the technology course should be, we all just looked around hoping the others would come up with an idea. In a summer 3-week course, where the final week includes a group project on top of four other individual projects, you have to be efficient. We would not have the time to implement something outside of class. Instead, we could create a hypothetical situation, or act as if we were taking the course/workshop we were proposing. In a sense, we would become the test-case for a unit that involved researching a part of our heritage and examining culture, arts, and other facts. By doing this we are not losing our individual identities (although I hadn't really considered that would be an issue) and we could come together to share with the group and draw conclusions. We are each designing a section of a website that illustrates our findings, and I volunteered to set up the homepage for our project site. I am very happy with my group members. It has been smooth sailing so far working together, and I expect that to continue. Process or product? Process!


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