Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still Photo Animation

I was recently looking at a popular blog, called Boing Boing, which referred me to a great movie uploaded onto You Tube entitled, "Between You and Me," by Patryk Rebisz. This film is made up of digital stills taken in burst mode on the camera. In other words, instead of a video camera, a still camera was used so that it becomes a photo animation, an incredibly smooth one at that. I was blown away by it because the storyline is so intriguing that you forget it's not a traditional movie. I highly recommend checking it out.

In technology class we are in the midst of editing a movie utilizing the "Ken Burns Effect" in iMovieHD. I am an amateur movie maker and have put together some home movie footage into an edited form. I have used iMovie and am learning some of the new features in iMovieHD, but I really want to become comfortable using Final Cut Express. I just need to add an extra chunk of time onto each day, and then I could accomplish that goal. Perhaps I need to allow time for editing practice and give myself a deadline to get a small project completed. (Or maybe give up sleeping?)


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