Monday, July 10, 2006

Reflection on Tech Course

During my technology course we have learned some basic html and started a website for our class projects. Those projects have included: altering images with filters in Photoshop, uploading an audio file, working to edit sound with Audacity, creating animated gifs, blogging, a PowerPoint presentation, and using the web as our library research tool. We are soon to enter the world of movies, sound collage, and group presentations. If you told me before the course started how many projects I would accomplish, I would have laughed and said that it would be impossible. Yet somehow we are all doing the work of a 15-session/15-week course over the span of an 11-session/3-week time period. It is fast-paced, exciting, and a lot of work. The payoff is that we are being exposed to a multitude of technological resources and putting into practice some basic computer skills.

You can tell someone all about technology. You can feed them all kinds of terminology and describe processes, but unless you actually sit down and do it yourself, it will only have a surface meaning. I have found that this Tech Resources class is a model for the methods it is teaching. I'm learning about technology in a variety of ways, but I'm also learning about teaching techniques. I'm learning how I might teach a course with technology as one of the tools; the subject matter also happens to be technology, but the method could apply to any subject area. I realize that every class I take for my Dance Education degree is twofold: the subject matter and the teaching style. Learning by example to in turn be a good model for my students.


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