Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Final Countdown

The group project has been an interesting process. We have not had any clashing of ideas or personalities. (Whew!) We were able to agree on our focus of culture and the arts during our first meeting. We decided right away to make an individual project page that would link to a central group project page. I designed that main page for the group. I had an idea for a two-column/two-row table grid. Inside each cell is another table: one for each member of the group. Inside that individual table is another two-column/two-row table with an image link to each member's project page. We also made sure that we included links to the other group members' individual project page from our project page. In this way, we are creating a mini website using NYU as the server for all of our linking needs.

For my contribution to the project, I researched Hawaiian culture. It allowed me to be reminded of my childhood. Some of the details I found were new for me, and I was inspired to do more reading about hula and mele. I look forward to a smooth presentation tomorrow night in class. We will be presenting our project as if it were an assignment we were given in a class or at a workshop. We are hoping to have a video of our virtual teacher giving us this assignment on researching culture and the arts. If that doesn't happen for some reason, I will probably act as the teacher and tell the students the parameters of the project. Then flash forward, and each of our group members will navigate through and talk about their research and webpage design. At the end of that, we will conclude with reflecting on our group process. Learning about an aspect of our own background, sharing that with the group, and gaining knowledge about the other group members' processes and ideas has been great. Everyone is doing their part to incorporate the technology lessons of our course into the final project.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger bbomi80 said...

Lisa! you were great co-worker for me. I leaned many things from you, which I did not know how to use HTML and other things. Thanks again.


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